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When will the break be?

The break dates aren't set until it has completely sold out. They are usually on the next weekend, but the break may not sell in time.

What times is the break?

Emails are sent out to everyone when the breaks fully to tell them what time they are. On Saturdays the times for the breaks start at 2:00 pm and are 40 minutes apart. On Sundays they start at 1:00 pm and are 40 minutes apart. There is also a schedule on Facebook and here on our website homepage.

How do we random the teams?

We put all of your names into a list in the order you purchased. When put that list into We random it seven times then put it against an alphabetical list of the NFL or NBA teams.

Where can I watch the breaks?

You can watch all breaks one our YouTube channel Carolina Rippers. All stream will be re-uploaded as videos in about 30 minutes.

What boxes do you sell?

We are able to sell almost any box of cards you can think of from football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. We also can sell you non-sports cards like star wars and magic the gathering.

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